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Restaurant ratings for friends only!

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TRUST YOUR TASTE. AND YOUR FRIENDS. was created to improve something we love to do: eat in good restaurants and share our experience with our friends.

Because who would you rather ask for a recommendation? Your friends or a 1000 people you have never met? That is what is all about: You only see the restaurants your friends have rated.

Start your very own restaurant rating club for free and invite your friends to join. The more restaurants you and your friends rate the more restaurants pop up on your map.


This is our very first version of and we would love to hear what you think about it. Simply fill out this short survey and help us to improve your experience with Thank you very much!

For any other inqueries: (we speak english and german)

The Team behind


markus popp

CEO of Mühlemann&Popp, where he focuses on creating new digital business models and has successfully (co-)founded 12 startups so far. Well, could be the next success story. :)

pasqual vossberg

COO of Mühlemann&Popp and the fearless project leader for He is the man with the plan, making sure that we are on track, even in our craziest brain storming sessions. :)